YWAM Affiliation


Mirror Is a YWAM operating location…

This means that although we don’t run like a YWAM “base” we offer courses that harmonize with the YWAM values and foundations, but we have a few different features. In addition to training excellence in music, film or dance, our focus is on the discipleship of artists - subsequently many of our students have done a YWAM DTS or are wanting a discipleship component in their arts training. Uniquely we provide a broader scope to our students’ training than many of the shorter 3 month programs - we offer courses that can take a student well beyond just dipping their toe in their field of the arts; we equip our students to fully launch as arts professionals in their genres by giving them the opportunity to get as much training as possible under their belts before they step out as professionals. We find that this serves them well as they enter their chosen fields - fewer gaps means greater sustainability of the artist; more thorough training means greater value as professionals.