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Sandy Rosen


Sandy has criss-crossed Canada and the world with arts teams of all sorts, using creative performances to express meaningful messages. Author, dancer, and for the last several years, owner/director of Dance Barn Studio, Sandy's leadership of the Mirror Arts Dance program has shaped the vision for the rest of the Mirror Arts Programs. She is a networker and gets things done but loves to make meals from her kitchen and have in-depth conversations. 


Russ Rosen


Russ is a well-travelled singer/songwriter with more than a dozen albums and many Canadian and international tours to his credit. He runs a little company called Big Tree Publishing, which really is a group of friends making music, writing books and doing shows. Together with Justyn Rees he has taken several music and story shows on tour. As father of three dancers and the husband of a dance school director, he finds his attempts at hiphop the best way to do his fatherly duty of embarrassing his kids.


Dwight Friesen

faith, arts and culture

Dwight is a dad, husband, photographer, graphic designer (CGD), author, media scholar (PhD) and Bruce Cockburn fan that together with his family has traveled, lived and studied around the world. His passion to understand theology and culture led him to explore media/cinema in Scotland and India and he's keen to share what he's learned with emerging creatives. Oh, and he is co-creator of a TV show about buying used cars. 





Brett Ziegler


Brett is a multi-instrumentalist that is equally at home on the keyboards, a pennywhistle, Glockenspiel, accordion, alto sax or bass guitar. Not only does he teach music but he has performed with musicians including Russ Rosen, Chris Janz, Ezra Kwizera, Darlene Ketchum, Brian Doerksen . . . and the list goes on.


Garnet Campbell


Garnet is a movie producer, director, writer and veteran digital cinema education strategist, with years of experience teaching foundational skills to budding filmmakers. He is drawn to the important stories that need to be told and thrives on finding the team and methods to take those messages to their audiences. 


Jan van der Merwe


Jan comes to us from beautiful South Africa - he is a writer, director, editor and cameraman. He has his Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Motion Picture and Television Production. He is the Co-founder and was the Production Lead of Clinton Lubbe Productions with whom he co-created the first fully solar-powered feature film production in Africa. He has shot and edited 20 music video, is a film editing pro and has been working in the BC Film Industry.


Vanessa Mayrand


Vanessa is a gifted contemporary dancer and choreographer who co-pioneered the Mirror Dance Program in 2005. She has her BFA from Simon Fraser University and has danced and choreographed with numerous dance professional in the Vancouver area. She is highly respected as both a performer and an instructor, creatively drawing from even the most challenging life situations. Vanessa juggles teaching and performing with family life, enjoying homeschooling her 3 amazing boys and doing life with her wonderful husband Brian.


Joanna Anderson


Joanna began her journey with the Mirror Dance Program in the fall of 2012. New to the dance world, a doorway was opened to new forms of creativity and passion that has since led her to focus on choreographing and teaching. Inspiring dancers of all ages for the love of dance and being able to create and perform alongside other artists, are two things that she has found to be incredibly rewarding in this profession. Creativity holds extensive room for thought, motivation, emotion, and deeper understanding. This is what we do. We can only go deeper in. Joanna is a part of the Mirror Dance Admin, mentoring, teaching team.