Our story


It all started when...

The Mirror Arts programs began with a pre-professional dance program In a barn-like structure in Fort Langley, BC, that Sandy Rosen ran alongside her community-based business called–you guessed it–Dance Barn Studio. What set the Mirror Dance program apart was the opportunity for students to learn from, and work alongside, practicing professionals.

After several successful years, and faced with moving the studio to a new location, Russ and Sandy began to dream about expanding the model to make space for young creatives in other areas of the arts. A "chance" coffee with Dwight Friesen, who was sorting out how to unpack his studies of media, religion/theology, and culture in Scotland and India, kicked off a series of conversations about what it would mean to create a program that would help young creatives not only learn foundational skills but also encourage them to think hard about faith, media and culture and become the kind of people that are sought after in their respective industries.

Oh, and they wanted participants to be able to work part-time as needed and start creating work in the company of industry veterans. That's the story so far.

We're excited by the enthusiastic support we have received from established filmmakers, actors, dancers and musicians that are eager to share with young creatives the lessons that they have learned the hard way. Sound like it might be a good fit for you or someone you know?