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The music is in you.


We can help you EXPRESS IT

You do music! What would you think about working with the exceptional talents of musicians who know what it is to work as music professionals? What about an up-close and personal mentorship and training program that is uniquely tailored for your needs?

Are you wanting to know how to make a career of music? Would you benefit from:

  • Skill development
  • Creative & Performance coaching
  • Collaboration
  • Artist Entrepreneurship

We have built the program for you and your musical creations and collaborations to flourish - whether it's charting your music, learning instrumental improvisation or working with other artists to create productions, we'll give you the tools! We will be your guide as you explore not only a high level of training, but also the depths of faith, personal growth and spiritual formation from a Christian perspective. We want you to be equipped for whatever your goals are in music - one year at a time, for up to four years. Music is in you . . . we get it. Now lets get it out!


Could it be you? 


Music happens

You can't help it. You have scraps of lyrics that you're not sure what to do with, or some bars that you keep revisiting. Maybe you already bought ProTools just because you wanted to try and put it all together. But more than that, you want to perform, whether it's at a kitchen party or a big stadium, you know deep inside that you were meant to share the music that's in you. We want to work with people that want to create, want to share their gifts, want to add to the soundtrack of daily life, of worship, of community, even the daily commute. Send us samples, whether it's a YouTube video or an .mp3 and let's start talking.

You know what it takes

Callouses. Hours of practice. Nailing the timing. Reading your audience. You know, because you've watched the best, that making meaningful music is hard work. But it's delightful work because the outcome is so satisfying. You're not afraid of that and you're not afraid to learn, to be stretched.

Music is for sharing

Music isn't just about you. It's for others, too. And let's face it, much of what we create musically is inspired by relationships, with the universe, with each other, with God. You recognize that community matters in the creative process and you're not only interested in sharing what you've made but value what others have to offer as well.


Theory and Composition

Musicianship and Instrumental Techniques

Songwriting and Arranging

Live and Studio Audio Design

Performance Coaching

Music Career Coaching

Faith Art and Culture

Creative Collaboration

Performance and Intern Opportunities

What's it worth to you?



There are many music programs out there and we don't spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to them. You do, though, because you are about to make an important investment. So, you should know that Mirror Arts was born from the conviction that being a musician for life involves more than technique. It takes character rooted in faith, it takes discipline, the ability to find delight in hard work, it takes vision and the desire to serve others through creative expression.

Weaving all that together takes time, and we believe that if the process is going to be life-giving, the cost should not cripple you. Our fees are based on the value that we believe we have to offer people who want to become that kind of musician.

2018-2019 (Sept-May)  $6800 CDN, payable in one-time or monthly installments.


Instrument requirements (IN ADDITION TO FEES)

You will need to have full access to your main instrument. The classroom will have basic backline (drums, keyboard, and amplifiers for guitar bass), vocal mics, DI boxes and floor monitors as well as PA and lights for performances. You will also need a laptop with lots of storage space.