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Do you dance for life?

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The Mirror Program might just be the ticket. Our intensive dance training is based on a Christian worldview and is geared towards young adults who want to develop in their dance skill towards a professional level and who want to integrate their dance training with personal and spiritual formation. Mirror is a unique full-time training program that will equip you for whatever your goals are in dance - one year at a time, for up to four years. Our students have become instructors, started their own dance schools, created their own professional productions and have joined professional dance companies. So you're a dancer . . . it's time to do something about it! Try a year with us and see how it fits!


Is this for you?


You love to dance

Because the focus of our program is not just about developing technical skills we welcome dancers with a variety of training and experience. We've had people go through the Mirror Dance program that have a limited amount of technical training and some that had years of training and already begun to specialize. But all of them were already dancers. They couldn't resist. Our program is designed to nurture people that just have to dance and want to learn from, and beside, professionals. We are especially interested in people that want to work toward creating their own choreography and see their visions come to life. If that's you, show us what you can do and tell us a little more about your passion. Let's start talking.

You're willing to work 

We don't just mean work at developing your dancing abilities. We mean working at learning, thinking, honing life skills that you'll need to be an effective performer, creator, teacher, company member in the world of dance. Are you up for it? Our program is designed to launch you as a creative, and that involves the whole person.

Introverts and extroverts

Lots of programs talk about community. In that vein, the DNA of the Mirror Arts programs is a culture of learning together and working together, just like any professional troupe, band or production team. We'll spend a lot of hours together in a week, so whether you are an Introvert or extrovert, there's a place here for you to contribute and benefit.

What's it worth to you?


WHAT WILL YOU invest in?

There are many dance programs out there. We don't spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to them, but you do because you are about to make an important investment in your future. 

So, you should know that the Mirror Arts Dance program was born from the conviction that dancing professionally takes more than great technique or learning to audition well. It takes character, discipline, delight in hard work, vision, awareness of culture, and a desire to serve others. Input from professional dancers can also help you focus on what you really need to know.

Weaving all that together takes time, and we believe that the process should be life-giving, shouldn't cripple you financially and should help you start to develop your own projects. Our fees are based on the value that we believe we have to offer people that want to become that kind of dancer.

So if Mirror Arts sounds like it could be a fit for you, start the application process by clicking the button below. There is no application fee. Let's start talking.


2018-2019 (Sept-May):  $6100 CDN, payable in one-time or monthly installments.